The Story of Hope

When we first started i:61, we felt that having a bus decked out with equipment would be perfect for our ministry and enable us to better reach the young people we work with. While praying during a Drop In session run out of the Longmeadow Centre at the time, we sensed God very clearly saying “you need a bus”. We took this on board but the human doubt set in as to how we could finance something as big as that.

We saw Hope (the bus) on an industrial estate on the Tuesday following that Drop In session. When contacting the Bus of Hope team to see if we could hire the bus, they said that it was amazing we were phoning because they had been praying about who to give the bus to following being blessed with a new bus themselves. The incredible thing is that had we called two days before they would have said the bus was promised to someone else, but that deal fell through that weekend.

The more amazing thing is that the trip in which Hope was found was supposed to be the week before, but delayed. We all know that timing as perfect as that cannot be explained other than an incredible work of God!! 

On investigating the background of the bus we found that it had originally come from The Message Trust…us being Eden Associates (part of The Message Trust) made this even clearer that the bus was meant to come to us and was the cherry on the top!

So after meeting and praying with the Bus of Hope team, it was agreed that God was definitely telling everyone the bus was to come to Andover. And what has been nothing short of a miracle is that they felt God telling them to gift Hope to us!


Since then we have been using Hope to run Drop In, Youth Alpha and have supported many town-wide events, churches and festivals.

We can’t wait to see what’s in store as Hope is used more and more!

To watch a video of how the bus is used click here.